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A History of Parkside Bowling Club




To make sure peace in Europe would be binding,

The Treaty of Versailles had been drawn up,

In sporting pastimes people were unwinding,

And Parkside lifted the The Victory Cup.



A Director of Nelson's whose creation,

'The Thirty-Nine Steps', gained him world acclaim,

Spent many of his hours of relaxation,

At Parkside, joining in a friendly game.



Their members must have really been frustrated,

When Parkside's Silver Jubilee came round,

The Twenty-Six strike had just terminated,

And funds for such events could not be found.



Parksiders, like most British lads, enlisted,

To make sure Allied Nations would survive,

The mighty Axis forces were resisted,

And made to bend the knee in Forty-Five.



For their fiftieth year Parkside's decision,

To have a week of bowls caused some dismay,

The members and their luckless opposition,

Were drenched with rain which pelted down each day.



Although the members may have felt elated,

When licensed to sell liquor in Parkside,

Their secretary soon was inundated,

with calls for friendly games from far and wide.



In a last-ditch attempt to gain salvation,

When many printing firms began to fold,

Nelson was forced to seek amalgamation,

And there were fears his sports ground would be sold.


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