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A History of Parkside Bowling Club




In spite of Nelson's efforts to recover,

His famous printing-house closed down for good,

But, thankfully, the eminent sports lover,

Made sure that Parkside's lease would be renewed.


For a short distance Parkside's green was shifted,

To make room for a swimming pool, next door,

A stretch of green, nearest the pool, was lifted,

And transfered from the rear end to the fore.


Although the old pavilion was demolished,

A better clubhouse took shape further east,

The 'Printers Only' statute was abolished,

And, rapidly, the membership increased.



With Parkside private now, the members voted,

To seek out opposition more renowned,

Within a league of private clubs, they'd noted,

A place for them would, hopefully be found.



Those South side clubs gave Parkside their permission,

To join the SEBA League without delay,

The ELBA also granted their admission,

As consequently did the S.B.A.



In SEBA games Parkside were now respected,

In ELBA matches they proved hard to beat,

The famed Kyles Triples Trophy they collected,

A feat which, eight years on, they would repeat.


So greatly had the membership now risen,

On function nights the place was overrun,

The convicts had more space in Saughton Prison,

Quite clearly something needed to be done.


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