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A History of Parkside Bowling Club




A double-storeyed structure was appended,

The upper floor, for where committee met,

Beneath that floor a corridor extended,

With toilets, to one side of it offset.


Lockers, in the committee room, were fitted,

Most of sufficient size for two to share,

Though visitors would also be permitted,

To use the changing quarters up the stair.



In the Sharp Trophy, Parkside Club succeeded,

When only one of its eight rinks lost out,

For this event great strength in depth is needed,

And Parkside had grown strong without a doubt.



A second room for changing was instated,

Between the clubhouse and the Southern wall,

The bar and all its fittings were updated,

As were the furnishings inside the hall.



A Parkside A.G.M. put through a motion,

Allowing lady bowlers to enrol,

Some disenchanted members aired the notion,

'Give it a year and they'll be in control.'


Despite the views the die-hards had been airing,

That Parkside's bonhomie would be no more,

Apart from a reduction in the swearing,

Parkside just carried on, much as before.



The ELBA pairs takes quite a bit of winning,

Yet it was won by two top Parkside men,

Next year the same pair had a second inning,

And won this most prestigious prize again.


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