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A History of Parkside Bowling Club




For the Commonwealth Games, Parkside with pleasure,

To Guernsey's bowling needs pledged to attend,

In practice matches and in hours of leisure,

The guests and hosts enjoyed themselves no end.


A Parksider was finding it hard going,

To wheel his chair-bound son around, of late,

So fellow-members set about bestowing,

A powered chair the lad could navigate.


An exhibition game which sent funds soaring,

Wee Willie Wood and Richard Corsie played,

David Hicks set the jacks and did the scoring,

All three deserved their lengthy accolade.



A Parkside Senior Four could not believe it,

A Scottish District Final they'd just won,

The first Parksiders ever to achieve it,

But this could be the start of a great run.


The Charity Pairs is a competition,

where winning matters less than taking part,

Though Parkside's winners thrashed their opposition,

The hapless losers bore it in good heart.



The Parkside clubhouse, once more, was extended,

This time it was partitioned into two,

The main hall seating ninety, was intended,

For functions, to increase the revenue.


The games room, with all mods' and cons' provided,

Was seperated by a sliding door,

The bar was set whereat the rooms divided,

So bar staff had a less exacting chore.


A modern fitted kitchen was positioned,

Down at the bottom of the function hall,

New chairs and tables then were acquisitioned,

And set on carpets laid from wall to wall.  


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