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A History of Parkside Bowling Club




A fresh influx of youths helped Parkside greatly,

The Coronation Fours was won again,

The Seniors, who'd been less successful lately,

Secured the ELBA Rinks in their Top Ten.



Came the Millennium, Parkside Decided,

For forty pounds per head at Hogmonay,

With food and drink there'd also be provided,

A group, a disco and fireworks display.


The Parkside gravy train continued rolling,

Another Junior made his way to Ayr,

In spite of a superb display of bowling,

He failed to gain the precious silverware.


A valiant Parksider was nominated,

To be member of the Scottish Team,

In games for bowlers incapacitated,

With disabilities defined extreme.


The Second Sixteen's fifth rink was elated,

They'd won a league in which reserves compete,

This victory quite clearly demonstrated,

At any level Parkside's hard to beat. 


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